The Magellan system

Magellan is management software that allows you to know precisely the ownership cost of your aircraft over 5 years according to specific parameters:
the number of flight hours planned, reaming maintenance potentials, financing method, resale value in the next 5 years, taxation, ….

This software has evolved to include some helicopters: Airbus, Bell, Agusta.
Magellan also compares your current travel budget with the ownership cost of one or several aircrafts you selected.

Therefore, for each of your destinations, you know:

  • your break-even point in terms of number of passengers,
  • your savings on social cost and the gain in productivity per person transported.

The Magellan software has been recommended by Dassault Aviation since 2003.
To date, Aero Capital has managed more than 100 operations with the Magellan system.
These operations have been carried out for SMEs as well as for large groups listed on the stock exchange, in France and abroad.

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