About us

Aero Capital is a company specializing in aviation consulting and the sale of private aircrafts.

Created by a team of experts in aeronautics, Aero Capital has been known as the aviation consulting specialist in Europe for over 25 years.

In 2001 Aero Capital developed the Magellan software which defines the ownership cost of your aircraft according to specific parameters: number of flight hours planned, reaming maintenance potential of your aircraft, financing method, resale price of your aircraft after 5 years, taxation…

In 2003 the Magellan™ software was recommended by Dassault Aviation as an essential tool for calculating the operating costs of Falcon jets; therefore attesting to Aero Capital’s unique expertise in the business aircraft sales sector.

In 2005 the company opened offices in Moscow and Shanghai, and the following year, in Switzerland and Luxemburg.
In 2008 Aero Capital pursued its strategy of setting up partnerships in India, Argentina (Atec), Lebanon and the Gulf States (ODAS).

In 2023 the company decides to return to the consulting market with its new Magellan™ software, presenting a high degree of perfection unmatched on the market.

Let’s build the future together…