Sharing an aircraft offers you the opportunity to equally share the use of a private aircraft without taking risks.

It is an interesting option for a group of users to proportionately use and maintain an aircraft.

Depending on the aircraft, you will pay:

  • An admission fee that covers your share of the operating costs of your aircraft,
  • A flat fee whose amount depends on the fixed costs and the number of people you share the aircraft with,
  • A price per flight hour covering the variable costs of your flight.
Using an aircraft that way means you don’t need to invest and therefore, you avoid taking risks. Above all, it allows you to completely delegate the management of your aircraft.

Scheduling is managed through a website exclusively dedicated to the associates. Even though it is not a brand new concept, it fits perfectly our modern world where the collaborative economy plays an increasingly important role.

Our team is at your disposal to advise and guide you through the process so that you can travel with peace of mind without breaking the bank…