Buying or selling a private aircraft

A private aircraft for yourself?
Purchasing or renting?
Alone or with others?

Business aviation has become an essential tool. But why should you travel on a private jet rather than by car or airliner to get to your business meetings?
Because your time is your money.

In order to answer these questions Aero Capital will use its Magellan software to calculate your current travel budget. Then it will compare it to one or several aircrafts that could match your specifications.

For each of your destinations, our Magellan software will calculate your break-even point in terms of number of passengers in the aircraft, your savings on social cost and the gain in productivity per person transported.

You can then decide to purchase it alone or with others.
If the number of hours foreseen are not sufficient to reach the break-even point, we will offer you the possibility to make your aircraft available to an airline company, therefore generating additional rental income. A European call for tenders with precise specifications will be issued.

You can then decide to rent it with others.
We will get you set up with our Jet Club. Each person sharing the aircraft will pay a flat fee to cover their share of the fixed costs and a price per flight hour to cover the variable costs of the aircraft when you use it.