For several years, Aero Capital has been working in partnership with Omni International Jet Trading, which is a historic player in the US business aviation industry.

Since 1963 when private jets first appeared, Omni has specialized in selling pre-owned aircrafts to become one of the world’s leaders in private jet trading.

For 50 years, our American partner has provided its clients with a unique expertise in navigating the complexities of private aircraft acquisitions and sales in the US.
Our partnership has been truly efficient in dealing with import/export, customs matters as well as FAA certification and our common list of aircrafts allows us to reach customers worldwide.

MOOVE is a French startup providing on-demand travel solutions in turboprop aircraft through a digital marketplace offering charter and co-ownership.

Its ambition is to meet European executives’ needs by providing them with a range of suitable and efficient aircrafts, as well as a unique benchmarking technology highlighting time and productivity savings offered by business aviation.

Its marketplace platform also integrates a management application for aircraft owners and flight departments, including features such as internal flight sharing and financial tracking.