New partnership with AIR PARTNER

Business aviation leaders in aircraft sales and consulting, Aéro Capital and Air Partner have become partners to propose private jet charter services, and a flight hour card, the JetCard.

Our experts use their unrivalled experience and market intelligence to provide you with the best solution, in terms of convenience, economic viability and security, day after day.

For all you requests, contact us 24/24h and 7/7days by phone +33 (0)142441100 or by email

Omni International Jet Trading

Aéro Capital collaborates since several years with Omni International jet trading, a long-standing player in business aviation in the United States.

Since 1963 when the very first private jet aircraft were introduced, Omni has continuously brokered pre-owned jet aircraft and is today one of the world’s pre-eminent pre-owned jet sales companies. During the past 50 years, our American partner has sold over 2,500 jet aircraft and offered our client’s unparalleled experience in the intricacies of the sale or acquisition of a private jet aircraft in the US. Our partnership has proven to be very efficient for import & export transactions, FAA certification, and our shared listing allows us to locate new customers worldwide.


ODAS is a French company specialized in the trade of industrial products, such as ships and aircraft, for both civil and military sectors. Established in the Middle East since many years, Odas has initiated several local cooperations, allowing French industrial actors to be present on various regional markets.

Odas is for Aéro Capital a first class partner, helping the development of business jets trading in the region. Their headquarters are located in Riyad but they are also present in Koweit, UAE, Bahrein and Qatar.